DragonVale Trainers Wiki is about the app "DragonVale" (which you probably could have guessed). I'm still working on it, but my goal for this wiki is to make all the little things of DragonVale much more simple to understand. I hope I can give you the tips that work and the most accurate information as possible.

What is DragonVale?

Dragonvale is an app that you can get on your IPhone. The goal is to have a successful dragon park and to satisfy all of your visitors and complete as many goals as possible. It is a waiting game that requires patience and time, but is one of my all time favorite apps.

Get StartedEdit

To get you started, I've set up some "portals" to some of the most common and useful pages, or you can search for a certain page with the search bar at the top of the screen. You can come back to the home page by clicking the wiki title "DragonVale Trainers Wikia" at the top left-hand side of the screen.

Dragons (This page has information about dragons and a list of all dragon species.)

Habitats (This page has information about habitats and a list of each possible habitat you can buy.)

Buildings (This page has a list of all the buildings and information about each one.)

Decorations (This page has a list of all the decorations you can buy.)

Treasure (This page has information about all the many types of treasure.)

Game Tips (This page is useful for getting started in the game.)


These pages are for some of the more experienced dragon trainers.

Breeding Log (Here you can tack and look up all the different breeding combinations. Open link for more details.)

Latest activityEdit

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